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the building and called 911. >> if there is a reason someone with what to do that to hurt us, that is troubling. >> the church runs a k-8 academy. students and teachers are using alternative spaces. >> my children are here at school all day. >> it will take weeks for things to get back to normal. officials consider themselves lucky. when firefighters arrived they discovered the fire had already burned itself out. >> i would like to talk to this individual. >> to church services be held in another chapel. no word on when this chapel will be back in business. as far as any suspects, no word there either. >> the same crimes that resulted in a 30-year prison sentence for jerry sandusky has now cost them his income. their revoked his pension. pennsylvania can terminate pensions for those convicted of embezzlement or teachers convicted of sex crimes against a student. his attorneys say he was never accused of crimes against students. the plan to appeal. >> it is a big night and this time as the vice-presidential nominees turn. biden and paul ryan will face off in kentucky tonight. rebecca cooper is
for baseball today and it. she says she had to skip work and root for her team. >> i used to come watch the senators play as a child. i just waited for the nationals and have been a huge fan. >> the team has represented the area so well. a chance to squeeze into the sold out part to wave a red rally flag and cheer them is something she did not want to miss. >> hopefully it's something i can tell my kids about. >> for this five-year old already a knowledgeable baseball fan, this day at the park with his dad will be when he will remember forever. this is his first major-league baseball game. >> i said i would taken to the playoffs, so everything worked out. it will be ok. >> this day started off with some much promise and excitement and ended with -- and quietly with the cardinals win. as one fan told me on the way out earlier, we have tomorrow. and a better one tomorrow, or they are eliminated from the playoffs. >> thank you. the aftermath of today's game was not pretty, but the exodus from the game on top of the commute is also not pretty. >> we've got that part of the sto
are looking for the attacker. tom joins us with the latest. >> right now, police are stopping cars, handing out fliers, saying to pleasebecause right now, they have very little to go on. this is a picture of the 72- year-old, give information if they have some, candelario guevara- guzman, who was reportedly found beaten. he was attacked, but he was dragged somewhere over here, between the dumpsters and this sense. that is where he was spent perhaps seven hours later. they say he is in critical condition in the hospital. they are asking for information. he was found by his two sons, who had gone out to look for him. they discovered him near those dumpsters. they say he is a nice man, well liked, and they cannot understand why somebody would have attacked him like this. >> the community has to help somebody. this cannot happen to anybody else someone like my father someone who could not defend himself. >> they are not sure who would have wanted to attack him. police stopping cars in the neighborhood, asking folks if they saw anything. it could have been as long as seven hours between when he
but there are as to why an escape route was locked. they had to use the exit steps from the fire. >> i think that is a hazard. we know we said, what if there fire? official got back to us today and said that the gate was locked for security reasons. officials said there were no violations. that date will remain locked. abc 7 news. >> and update on the firefighters who were injured fighting the fire. doing fine. be back on the job week. >> for the first time in three years, the unemployment below 8%. numbers show that the rate to 7.8%. >> the improvement was fueled 114,000 new jobs being created. it is the 24th straight month of creation in the country. politics continues because both romneynt obama and mitt in virginia today on what the report means. comes at a critical time, 32 days from the big day. scott thurman is gauging reaction from all of this. >> you know, by now we realize goes without an argument includes good news, the the unemployment rate. it depends on who comes tove when it crunching the numbers. >> we found out the unemployment lowests fallen to its level since i took office
and used a chemical to knock her unconscious. the woman woke up naked. >> a suspected car thief left -- led multiple agencies on a chase and he hit other vehicles before being chased on foot. he is in southeast washington to tell us how it ended. >> it ended here. witnesses say a police dog was loose on the suspect who was trying to escape. with the helicopter overhead, the chase took over the southeast neighborhood. for how -- half an hour, a parade of police cars chased a man through the congress heights neighborhood. people came out of their homes young men and laughing and cheering for the suspect. others complaining, why chase in a neighborhood? >> what is going on? leave him alone. you guys are dangerous, not the guy. >> the parade continued down alabama ave. it came to an end as the suspect was blocked by a domino's pizza delivery man. >> he came over the hill like he had killed somebody. >> he hit to the car and then took off on foot. police stopped him with a canine. >> that is when the police dog jumped out of the window. >> the suspect was in custody after a chase that started on
certainly attracts a female audience. rebecca cooper has the story for us. >> undecided voter meaghan says mitt romney may have won her over. at the debate, she felt he looked more presidential than the president. >> i really appreciated that romney took the time to look obama in the eyes, and obama would look down or would not at exactly address ann romney. >> in the latest polls, mitt romney now holds a slimd among likely voters. among women voters, it is even. 47% each. president obama held an 18 point lead with women voters in september. belinda claims one of his only specific in the debate was cutting funding for big bird. >> at fincke had big form and not a lot of substance. -- i think he had big form and not a lot of substance. >> whatever your particular opinion is on women's health, abortion, many of us believe that everyone has the right to choose. >> this romney supporter says the debate turned the tide. >> i think like he was very interested, very involved and he knew what he was talking about. he was very presidential. >> a reminder for you to check out our battleground virgin
moved inland. up and down the east coast, the storm left a lot of decimation. >> what is next for us? we turn to doug hill for the latest. what's the latest here is what is left of sandy is about 90 miles east, northeast of pittsburgh and moving off to the and it will be out of the picture totally over the next couple of days. for the moment, chilly and them. the future past gives us a good indication of the motion and the resultant flow of air that will continue to move along the trailing edge of the system as it moves out and it will provide a slow improvement with sunshine breaking through and more over the next few days. i would say it was a late december afternoon with the chilean misting rain out there. >> nothing like that damage, but now we have some cold air so our friends without power have to deal with that. here are the lingering showers right around us. there is one of the bands of what had been sandy moving to bangor maine. the snow continues right into parts of west virginia. overnights and i'd come it will be a cold one. this is really more like early january. the tempera
, and $560,000. >> the police say they have arrested a suspect targeting customers using atm's and stop a murder for hire scheme. quite an operation and the thisrities say they did neighborhood policing undercover investigations. they hope this sends a clear message to criminals. live from fairfax, horace holmes, abc 7 news. >> a man in northwest d.c. is after an early-morning fire. a man called 911 at about 3:00 morning and told them he set himself on fire with an tank. when the police got to the house, the found the man unconscious. he was rushed to the hospital, he later died. nobody else was hurt. >> new information on the foiled plot to blow up the federal reserve in new york city, more about the suspect who is locked , facing major charges. officials say that nafis not only had several locations to carry out the attack, but a fascination with the president. >> federal authorities believe suspect had the desire but have the tools to carry out an act of terror. he was interested in andssinating the president blowing up the new york stock exchange. in the end, the at the woody say di
for us. >> fairfax county police officers remain at the scene of this homicide at the end of the cul-de-sac behind me. as you mentioned, a woman is dead and someone she knew very well is accused of killing her. >> the person who called police had a simple message for the 911 operator. a woman had been shot. by the time police got to the house, the woman, identified as rick allen, was near death. she soon succumbed to the gunshot wounds at the hospital. authorities say this was the result of a domestic dispute. the alleged shooter, the victim's brother, 59-year-old charles hamilton. he was taken into custody at the scene. this is a relatively quiet neighborhood. neighbors could not believe the news. >> this is a really really quiet area. this is a total shock. i am horrified and feel so bad. >> you never think about stuff. i mean, you hear it on the news somewhere else. >> is an unusual thing for this area. this is only the second homicide this year. hamilton has been first-degree murder. >> thank you. just 21 days until we head to the polls, and tonight, the nominees will get a secon
us they did not have any updates. if you have any information you are asked to call fairfax county police. >> a developing story along the u.s.-mexico border. police have arrested two men with possible ties to the shooting death of a border patrol agent. no word on a motive in that attack. >> to an update to a story we brought you first on seven. the national park service has now drained the reflecting pool. this is less than two weeks after we discovered algae growing on the water. it is not supposed to happen after that multimillion-dollar renovation. we are on the national mall with where we go from here. >> the reflecting pool is now empty. workers are still here on the scene housing is down, making sure all the best analogy is god. it will be two or three weeks before it is refilled. this was touted as a landmark green project, no chemically treated city water. they have been shoveling and plowing, but it is only october. and there is no snow. >> it is unbelievable. >> a month after the rebuild reflecting pool was reopened, and two weeks after we read the first to show you the
. >> the crimes were reported to n monday.l o >> the e-mail that went out to us was really great. usually they just go around the dorms and on campus. >> a student was attacked on in the same area. she said the man came behind her chest.bbed her he ran off. and >> as far as the september 7 incident, the description of the different inlittle that case. about a footed as taller. the school provides safety escorts 24 hours a day, seven a week for students walking home alone. >> the university says the four students in the most recent -- the department is aware situation and is working campus police. we have been on stormwater for most of the day. heavy rains have been blamed for leastaffic delays and at one accident this morning. maryland state police say only injuries were reported. steadilycame down morning commute this morning. >> get ready for the return of some hot weather. the changing forecast with doug. >> the rain has been the story. no rain right now, just dampen cloudy and 67 degrees. some heavy showers and downpours ,ontinue well to the self of us potomac river -- well to the sou
after the maryland basketball team beat duke, he used reasonable force against the student saying he was protecting himself. it will come down to what the jury will think about the videotape. this video of the alleged police assault on this maryland student has been the centerpiece of the prosecution. for the first time, but abc 7 news can show you another video.s he comes down the street from this cell phone camera. they call the video is significant. it seems to show that he is happy, singing non-threatening. is given no orders than "back up" before being hit. >> i lost several days of sleep over it. it was really bothering me. >> video evidence is at theday trial. they admit that they are on camera striking him but they claim that it was reasonable. based on that video the judge today gave them a victory saying she saw no blows to the head in the wide shot version and she threw out the first degree assault charges against baker and harrison. >> any town that gets thrown out is good for us. -- any count thrown out are good. >> the cow's that remain are second-degree assault. >> the
and the way it came up and over and got us what just about just about up to here this morning. we had a railing to hold onto and it was fine. you can see the damage, you can how things have blown around. the stand is starting to pile up. seeing debris of all sorts. it is eight mass, sandy has been quite awhile. -- it is a mess, sandy has been here for quite awhile. that was the big concern, but with the change in the wind --ection the winde losing -- conditions continue to pick up. you can only imagine how much be near theight water. two sailors are missing at sea. , the replica of the vessel, was british built for that movie mutiny on the bounty. the coast guard was able to get rescue 14and crewmembers. it has sunk to the seat. cameras were rolling as the guard rescued those 14 sailors. >> back here at home, visitors theld town alexandria know drill. -- businesses in old town alexandria know the drill. how is it looking? >> it is looking wet. it is getting pretty bad. area is under a high wind warning and a flood watch. this is one of the culprits, known to flood in this area. up to
and metropolitan police at the ceremony. told us he is not t work. he is going back as soon as he is cleared by his doctor. shooter pleaded not guilty during his arraignment back in august. is due back in court this friday. montgomery county police are o use a popularwh l to not walk alone at night. was attacked on the capital press and trail in bethesda and this is not the --st attacker this year crescent trail in bethesda and this is not the first attack this year. >> it is about an hour after sunset last night when the attack happened here. tonight, at this community is on edge. there it is yellow crime scene marking where the attack last night. authorities say the 21-year-old was running after stopped for some crossing the path. >> it was dark. she may have been watching the er. >> that is when her alleged struck, hitting her behind and sexually assaulting her. the eventually, calling police from home. this description of the attacker is limited. a white male in his 20s was wearing dark clothing. she was approached on the trail .everal years ago >> it is scary and depressing rally. be
day in october. >> warmer than normal. some of us like that. >> and the sun was out for a good part of the day. and it's not even over yet. our chief meteorologist is here with an early look at this terrific forecast. >> i love this stuff. temperatures around 80 today and we will do it again tomorrow. a few clouds, some sunshine and it has been terrific. mild through that evening hours. 70 right now at our weather bug station. if we look across the area, these numbers don't look anything like they do for an average late october afternoon. 77 in that district. 75 in gaithersburg. a few clouds and muddy and warm. 74 and we will drop a few degrees. overnight, we will drop more but not by much. overnight, a few clouds and more warm weather and that change is coming. >> i will see you then. a show of support for a high school football coach fired mitt controversy. a number of students walked out of class today after the head football coach was terminated. let' live now to the school to explain why this coaches of a job. >> a few minutes ago. the coach was fired over a p
and help us support this life-saving cause. a shiny eyeball washes up on shore in florida. kind of animal did this thing is to belong to? e will tell you how much more you will soon be paying to mail a letter. >> accused of unethical behavior, going on the jim graham is the latest foot elected official mired in controversy. in the past year, the chair of the d.c. council and another downil member had to step amid criminal investigation. jim graham is basing allegations of criminal behavior regarding this plot of land. he promised to help a developer gets a multimillion-dollar with the cityact the developer scrapped a plan this metro-on part of land. the ex -- investigation shows that he clearly had a violation. ng in the report any law has been broken. >> he has come close to crime on scandal. his former chief of staff pled to federal year a briberytemming from sting. in a city where of indictments, onstituents are pointed.isap >> i think that the people who are elected of this committee be upstanding citizens. it is disappointing that they red >> they think lot of powere a and the use an
if it makes us uncomfortable. >> down the street more protestors who oppose same-sex marriage held their own rally. >> it is up to the voters to make that decision. >> many students and staff members stood nearby and observed. mccaskill did not turn to, but mccaskill did not attend, but her attorney said the university must provide her safety and possibly provide financial compensation for the irreparable harm she says she has received. >> this has harmed her reputation and how that will be restored. >> mccaskill shared some of the email she has been receiving attacking her, some of them racially charged. a gallaudet spokesperson said that her employment status remains unchanged. in a letter to the community the president said the university administration has had productive meetings with it lgbt students and students of color and staff. >> 12 days until the election and the race for the white house appears to be in a dead heat. president obama was in richmond, va., this afternoon. today the president received endorsements from former secretary of state: pal. and the washington post. -- coli
. computer models are taking it towards the northeast coast of the u.s.. a lot to talk about. >> we are tracking hurricanes sandy as it makes its way up north. we will show you how local power companies are preparing in case sandy had our way. s woman accused of leading a wild police chase is being held without bond pending a psychiatric evaluation. she was released from a psychiatric hospital last friday. yesterday, the chase started at 66 in virginia. she faces several charges including assault and reckless endangerment. the man accused of wounding a guard at the family research council faces terrorism charges. the indictment against floyd corkins contains seven new charges. it is the first such charged under d.c. anti-terrorism act of 2002. he is doing court on friday. >> new developments surrounding the attack in benghazi, e-mails indicate the white house and state department did two hours after the benghazi attack that an islamic militant group was claiming responsibility. administration officials said the attacks followed a protest over an anti-muslim from. hillary clinton say
and nonstop. it is good business for us. >> an enormous oak tree fell on in newrnes' home jersey. yes, but not when he looks north to new york. else, ired to everybody k we are lucky. >> in arlington county, 24 by trees,re blocked doing damage to cars.and in fairfax county, 60 homes were trees. by after i read last year -- after last year, people are familiar with how to deal with evens like these. thank you. crews in frederick county have two water rescues because of flooding. leftsay two men were to a tree yesterday after they decided to take an raft down the river. they also had to rescue a state trooper after his filling up with water. the trooperrning, on patrol when he ran into water. coming up tomore 6:00. up, the effort to get the on for thousands of in the area. the good news is that a lot progress has been made. has 425 customers without power. on aboutstill working 8700 outages. reports about 2000 customers the door -- in the dark. >> the reason the restoration process is going along so quickly is that the power fromnies brought in crews out of town to supplement their own,
the u.s. attack on the embassy in libya and the anti- islam video that when a viral. >> it will upset people and make them react in some kind of white. >> -- in some kind of way. >> the ad does have support. >> i am sure that it will raise eyebrows, but i think it is definitely a valid message. >> is designed to provoke. it is designed to stigmatize american muslims. >> it in sinew its people better muslim, people from the middle east -- a kind of and sinuous people that are muslim, people from the middle east are not civilized. >> the ads will also be at the glenmont takoma, and georgia avenue stations. the campaign will go nationwide. a few of these ads will be around for about a month. live from northwest washington, abc7 news. >> ok, thank you. 29 days until we vote for president. mitt romney is once again campaigning in battle ran virginia. he stopped in the military institute in lexington. he is portraying his approach as a stark contrast to what he calls the failed policies of president obama. we will have more coming up at 6:00. >> and onto a different contest. a lot of people
they arrived in court. prosecutors say that's reginald baker and james harrison of used their power and broke the law. -- abused their power and broke the law. >> i lost sleep over it. just seeing completely innocent students get beaten severely. >> his cell phone camera was running that night, too. he testified that john mckenna was a threat to know one. >> he skipped past me, singing the notre dame son. he was in jovial spirits. >> the defense attorneys moth that characterization of mckenna. they called him "yippy skippy." the defense claims what happened that night was an appropriate use of force and was ordered by police commanders. >> even though they tried to say he was acting in a threatening manner -- i think any reasonable person would say that is absolutely ridiculous. >> no real bombshells in john mckenna's testimony. he did say he was unaware that the videotape was right there. the trial resumes tomorrow. abc7 news. >> police are investigating the stabbing of a 15-year-old student at school. this happened at northwood high school in silver spring. the victim was taken to the hospi
to more tv than you might think. >> i have friends who use the television as a babysitter. >> the background noise children here while doing other activities has an effect as well. >> you learn from background noise. >> the study found that children younger than eight spend an average of nearly four hours each day with television on in the background, and children eight months to two years old are exposed to nearly six hours each day. >> if it is fair, he immediately turns to read and watch as it no matter what. it seems to be mesmerizing. >> television distracts kids during playtime and has been seen to take focus away from problem-solving and communicating. quite 0-2, kids should have a a zero tv time. after two, they should have to a total of two hours of media time, which includes television, video games, computers. >> some people are concerned that exposure to television at a young age could lead to poor academic performance. >> better stock up on the diapers' before things really get messy. there is a potential disposable diaper shortage due to an explosion at a japa
in person absentee ballots are using electronic voting machines. >> it is much better than any other way. anybody can read can do this. totally efficient. >> the fairfax county democratic committee is not so sure. they say they have received up to 15 complaints about the machines' countywide. cases where the machine actually registered a different vote. the executive director claims the machines are old and outdated. a serious problem in a year and a state like this. >> virginia will be extremely close. if even a handful of votes go the wrong way problem. >> the concerns appear to be bipartisan. this romney volunteer is encouraging voters to use paper ballots. >> there are issues. >> officials in fairfax county do not agree, saying that every complaint has been checked out and everyone cleared. >> we have yet to be able to replicate any problem with the machines. it may have been operator error but sometimes there are baseless allegations. >> democrats want to be clear they are not alleging any sort of voter fraud or that this is a widespread problem. they simply want the county and vote
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